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Movie Screening: Avengers, Age Of Ultron (TUE 04.28.15 @ 7:30PM)

The boys (and gal) are back and this time the artificial intelligence super specimen known as Ultron wants to wreak havoc on the world and drive the human race to extinction.  Well you know the Avenger’s won’t be having that!  Want to be one of the lucky few with a set of tix?  Sure you do, and we mean lucky because the studio isn’t giving us very many – so you’ll need to work to win.  Details below the banner.

Captain America, Thor, Hulk & the gang return to make things right again

Captain America, Thor, Hulk & the gang return to make things right again


Like we said, we don’t have many of these tix so the winners will be sparse, but there will be winners!  Post an image on the Facebook thread that brought you here of a Superhero.  That’s it.  It can be you, your kids, your neighbor, your bad ass photo-shopping.  The more imaginative the picture, the more likely you are to be voted for by the writers of GeekForE!  If we ‘like‘ your post on Facebook, then your name will be on our RSVP list at the theater door (your admission is for you and one guest). The contest runs from now until SUN 04.26.15 @ 8PM. You can post as many entries as you like, but you can only win once. All winners will be notified via Facebook so be sure that we can ‘message’ you.  (This screening is at Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, MD)


1) Not sure why we keep needing to repeat this, but this is it, REALLY.  If we cannot message you on Facebook, we can’t alert you to winning.  In fact there have been readers we’ve skipped over voting for in the past because we don’t have the option to ‘message’ them.  You must open that security in your settings and we are not Facebook Admins to show you how.

2) No substitutions.  We are not a hostess at the local theater.  If you win and choose not to go, we understand.  You aren’t hurting our feelings, nor will we desperately seek to fill your spot.  We also won’t swap your name for a buddy because you can’t make it.  Don’t ask, it won’t be answered.

3) Your RSVP listing does not guarantee your seat.  Arrive early, very early for this one!  When the theater is full, it is full and you will be turned away.


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