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Countdown to the Oscars – our picks for Animated Feature

The 84th showing of the Academy Awards will air on ABC on Sunday the 26th of February and we at Geek for E have decided to join in on the fun and give you our predictions of who will win.

Today we go animated and look at the nominations for Animated Feature and the field is wide open.
And with that…the nominations go to…
ANIMATED FEATURE FILM …the nominations go to:
“A Cat in Paris”
“Chico and Rita”
“Kung Fu Panda 2”
“Puss in Boots”
Denise: A Cat in Paris will be the darling of folks that loved The Triplets of Belleville.  Nobody’s really seen Chico and Rita in the US (count me in as one of those folks).  Kung Fu Panda 2 is cute, but more of the same.  Rango is awesome, but may be too weird for a lot of Academy voters.  So my pick is Puss in Boots.  Just look at that face!

Matthew:  KFP2 all the way on this one.

Alex: As stated in the intro – Pixar didn’t have an entry last year [Edit: reader Carlos S reminded me that Pixar had Cars 2. Thanks for the reminder! It was so bad that I had completely forgotten about it. LOL] so the field is wide open. KFP2 was a boost to the original and PiB was a spin-off/origin from a strong franchise. Rango had great visuals and their viral marketing was stellar as they paired up with Rovio and their mega-hit game Angry Birds. All of that adds up to box office bucks. So doing the ole “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” trick (and having seen three of the five) I have to give the Oscar to Kung Fu Panda 2.
Score card…
Denise – Puss in Boots
Matthew – Kung Fu Panda 2
Alex – Kung Fu Panda 2


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