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Mortal Instruments: Splat Hair Color Prize Pack Giveaway — here are our winners!


After getting a whole lotta entries, I’ve finally winnowed it down to the top 5 entries in the Mortal Instruments: Splat Hair Color giveaway!  Yaaaaay!  *ahem*

And the winners are:

  • Summer Walter, who would like to be a witch; “Witches can cast spells over the werewolves , vampires, shapeshifters! Not to mention witches can do good things, but don’t double cross them because they could cast an evil spell as well or curse you!”
  • Stephanie Grant, who wants to be “a hybrid Shadowhunter/Vampire that way I would have both sets of assets at my disposal and be on the good side of the battle. I could walk in the daylight and be able to turn into a bat and fly what could be cooler?”
  • Ebony Brown, for the Heroes shoutout; her choice would to be “Peter f’n Petrelli! I would absorb any powers to be had and kickbutt!”
  • Bri Elliot, because she’d like to be “a shadow hunter. I like to kick ass and take names!”
  • Steve Rauch, for making a good point; he’d be a “Vampire, since they get the prettiest girls!”

A great big, huge thank you to every single person who entered!  I had a blast reading all the responses, and now if anyone ever asks what I’d be, I’ll have a good answer.

Winners, your prize pack will be winging it’s way out to you asap.  Congratulations!


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