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Movie Screening: Robocop (2014) – Get Your Code Now!

“Dead or alive…you’re coming with me!”  Alex Murphy was a badass in the original, this time instead of Peter Weller at the helm, Joel Kinnaman (Safe House) gets his turn as the half man, half robot cop of the future.  Should be a great one, but hey – why don’t you judge for yourself with a free screening.  Click below the banner for details.

Alex Kinnaman stars as Robocop/Alex Murphy

Alex Kinnaman stars as Robocop/Alex Murphy

This is not a GOFOBO registration so take note.  Sony has taken matters into their own hands and you’ll need to register with them to get your tix.

WHEN: Monday. February 10th, 2014 @ 7PM

WHERE:  The theater name rhymes with ‘kite’

HOW:  Follow this weblink and use our RSVP code and you’re in like flynn.


DISCLAIMER:  Arrive early.  Your ticket does not guarantee your admission. When the theater is full…it’s full.

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