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Nikki Reed tells fans how to share their experiences with the Twilight Time Capsule

Hey all you Twihards!  For those of you not getting your geek on at NYCC2011, there’s a new treat in the Twilight universe.  The Twilight Time Capsule is an interactive Web site that allows fans to share their experiences, videos and general squee with fellow fans.


The site tells you what to expect:

In this interactive fan community, you can view all of the official trailers, posters and other content for all Twilight movies from the entire Twilight Saga in one place –- right next to all of your own fan-generated videos and photos.

So basically this looks like the g0-to place for fans of Twilight.  This series has always been very aware of their rabid fan base, and have treated them well.  (Breakfast in line at 6am?  Not too shabby.)  So I’d expect this site to be just as welcoming. 


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