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Movie fun – Back to the Future 2

It’s getting closer to the date we’ve been waiting 30 years to reach – Wednesday, October 21, 2015!

Since was saw that date on the dashboard of the most famous time machine outside of the Tardis, Doc Brown’s Delorean, we have been waiting for the hover board, flying cars, self-inflating shoes, jackets that dry us, and funky clothes.

We didn’t get any of that…OK, maybe we can bend the rules for “funky clothes” but the rest are still being developed.

So what happens if Doc and Marty had come to the 2015 that we know and live in? Let’s find out thanks to our friends at College Humor!

Game Trailer news – LEGO Dimensions

When a mysterious and powerful vortex suddenly appears in various LEGO worlds, different characters from DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings and The LEGO Movie are swept away. To save their friends, LEGO Batman, LEGO Gandalf and LEGO Wyldstyle journey to locations beyond their wildest imaginations, and they soon realize that Lord Vortech is summoning villains from across different LEGO worlds to help him gain control. As his power grows, worlds mix, unexpected characters meet and all boundaries are broken. Our heroes must travel through space and time to rescue their friends before the vortexes destroy all of LEGO humanity.

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Movie Review – The Heat

The Heat is an interesting movie in that Paul Feig (director of Bride’s Maids) takes inspiration from quite a few different decades and movies to create a new, and at times “been there done that” movie, that does deliver on the laughs and actually has a pretty decent plot too. From the 70’s inspired opening to the buddy-cop mash-up we get a movie that at the heart is about two law enforcement agents who are tasked to bring down a drug distribution ring in Boston. There are lots of laughs and enough of a good plot and acting to really make this a fun movie to sit through.

So how did it fair? You know the drill….click after the break to read the review.

The_Heat_37990Grade: 3.5 out of 5

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