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Sneak Peak of Dark Knight Rises for some IMAX theaters means Happy Christmas Batman fans!

Itching to get a real look at The Dark Knight Rises?  I for one can’t wait to see Anne Hathaway as Miss Selina Kyle (and get a peek at a young — maybe not evil? — Ra’s Al Ghul).  Well, if you’re near an IMAX theater the chances are very good you’ll get your holiday wish.  Warner Brothers is releasing a peek at the prologue of the film on December 16th here in the States (UK folks’ll get their peek on the 21st).  Straight from the home of Bugs Bunny:

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Movie Review: Batman: Year One (Blu Ray DVD)

Batman: Year One is the new direct-to-DVD animated movie from DC Comics and Warner Brothers Animation and is based of the critically acclaimed, and often borrowed from, story by comic book legend Frank Miller.

Batman: Year One follows two main plots over a selected period of time during the first year of Bruce Wayne’s run as the Batman and Jim Gordon’s fight for justice within the Gotham Police Department. Both plots were used within the two Chris Nolan Batman films and actually gave more flesh to the story and the characters then what we get to see here. Just like in the Nolan films we get to see a young Bruce Wayne come back to Gotham City and start his crusade against crime by becoming a terror in the dark known as the Batman. Jim Gordon and his wife Barbara arrive from Chicago to Gotham as a place for Jim to start over and reset his police career. While working for the Chicago Police Department, Gordon’s “sense of honor and duty” landed him in the middle of internal issues due to his involvement of Internal Affairs and police corruption.

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