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Trailer news – James Bond: Spectre

The newest trailer for the November release of SPECTRE has been dropped and wow, this movie really looks and feels like it may be an epic adventure for our favorite MI6 Agent.

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Movie Review: Carnage

Coffee and cobbler will lead to the breakdown of our society.  Now you know.  In Roman Polanski’s Carnage, two couples — seemingly intelligent, affable adults — become unglued, morphing into self-serving jerks while trying to deal with the aftermath of a schoolyard fight between their two sons.

I couldn’t help but liken this movie to Mike Nichols’ Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.  As with Nichols’ film, Carnage is based on a stage play.  It also deals with highly educated upper-middle class white couples breaking down over a prolonged visit (doubting if the liberal Longstreets are upper-middle?  I’d like to know how else they could afford the lavish apartment/condo they’ve got.  Seriously, it’s awe-inspiring.)  But unlike Woolf, Carnage is a comedy.  And it’s hilarious.  No, fans of Louis C.K., I’m not abusing the term.  Okay, maybe I’m not dirty and haven’t been in a gutter (lately).  But I was close.

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