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2012 Ghastly Award nominees announced!

Hey everyone, and happy almost-2013!  You know what that means; tons of award-type thingies.  And so, without further ado, here’s the list of the nominees for this year’s Ghastly Awards (which I always want to call The Ghastlies, because I’m ever so hip.  Stop laughing.)

The Ghastly Awards celebrates achievements in horror comics, and they’re voted on by professionals in the biz.  This coming award season there will be a new Fan Favorite category, which should be a lot of fun to peek at.  (NOTE: Yours Truly is now a judge for these awards.  So yes, I “have to” read comics now.  Oh the horror.  The wonderful, awful horror!)

The full list of nominees after the jump!

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Haunted Horror hits comic book shelves Wednesday, for your Halloween chills & thrills!

Ahh, the golden days of horror comics.  The bad guys (or girls), the gruesome but oh-so-satisfying comeuppance, and the artwork that had the Comics Code Authority all but put ’em out of business.  But wait; some of those groovy stories are coming back to glorious life, in issues you can hold in your greedy little hands.  Hello Haunted Horror, a new series coming to stores tomorrow.  Wanna know more?  Yeah you do.

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“British Invasion” at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con

You’re still on a convention high after all the info from San Diego Comic-Con.  The Olympics are being held in London, England this year.  Comics, the U.K….two great tastes?  You bet.  Word has it that there will be a slew of Brit-tastic talent at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con.  Cheers!

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The Nominees for the 2012 Harvey Awards

Okay comic book guys and dolls, the day is here; the Harvey Awards nominees have been announced, and it’s a great crop this year. Winners, as always, will be announced at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con September 8th.  Need another reason to attend?  There you go.  You’re welcome.

I’m excited to see Pearls Before Swine, Mutts, get nods for Synicated Strip or Panel, Ozma of Oz (a favorite story of mine from my kiddie days) get a Best New Series nod, and the amazaing work of Drawn & Quarterly on the American edition of Onward Toward Our Noble Deaths.  And hey wait — did a United States Government publication get a Harvey Award nod?  Yep; Preventive Maintenance Monthly is so cool it almost makes me wanna sign up…almost.

I’ll leave it at that, otherwise I’ll never get on with announcing the nominees….

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A list of 2012 horror comics from the folks at Ghastly Awards!

It’s time to hit the beach.  Or, if you’re like me, it’s time to dream about hitting the beach while Real Life swamps you and you put off sun & sand.  Again.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t dive into some great summer reads!  My latest book obsession is the Autumn series by David Moody.  I’m also flipping through Crossed: Psychopath (not for the weak-stomached, trust me).  And on the note of scary comics, wanna know what else has come out this year that you can get your paws on?  Thanks to the folks at the Ghastly Awards, knowledge is just a clicky away….

So what are you waiting for; check out this list o’ goodness!

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Horror comics get their due with the Ghastly Awards

As I’ve often said, I’m a complete and total horror junkie.  The first horror movie I remember seeing was Night of the Living Dead, thanks to a 2-year-old me waking up and wandering downstairs to the sound of my dad fixing the fireplace at 2am.  (Why 2am?  Your guess is as good as mine.)  I’ve been hooked ever since.

I got into comic books not because of the superheroes (not that they aren’t awesome), but because of the creepy-crawly horror issues I’d see every so often at my local bookstore.  Nowadays though, there are tons of good scare on the illustrated page.  So much so in fact , that there’s a new crop of awards to give them their good & proper.  The Ghastly Awards will reveal their first ever list of winners at the end of this month, and I’ve gotta say there are some really amazing professionals and titles getting the nod.  The Walking DeadThe Goon (here’s hoping the movie gets a release)!  Locke & Key!  And my personal favorites, Crossed 3DI, Vampire!  Not to mention Robert Kirkman, Gabriel Rodriguez & Terry Moore!  Read on for a list of the 2011 nominees (and how, if you’re an industry pro, you can send a nomination for the 2012 awards)….

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