Geek For E!

Want a screening pass to Marvel’s The Avengers on May 1st?

C’mon.  This is the movie all geeks have been slavering over for what seems like forever.  And now it’s just around the corner.  But for some of you, it’s coming sooner than you think.  Because we have screening passes for Marvel’s The Avengers, in IMAX 3D!  Read on to see how you can score a seat for yourself….



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Want free stuff? Alrighty: where’s Denise?

Hey there fellow geeks!

Okay, so I love swag like a swag loving swag-addicted thing. And who doesn’t love free movie stuff? But what I really love is to share swag with like-minded folks. So, thanks to the kindness of the Movie PR Powers-That-Be, I can get you hooked on my obsession with free stuff share the love!

How? Simple.  I’ll give you a heads-up when I’m gonna give something away…just find me.

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