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Countdown to the Oscars – Our picks for Actress in a Supporting Role

The 84th showing of the Academy Awards will air on ABC on Sunday the 26th of February and we at Geek for E have decided to join in on the fun and give you our predictions of who will win.

Today we start our push to the Oscars and the big 6! That’s right, the categories we’ve been waiting for. And the push starts TODAY with us making our picks for Best Actress in a Supporting Role!
And with that…the nominations go to…

Movie Review: Take Shelter

Ever since the world began it seems there have been people telling us that the end times are a’coming.  Nowadays we laugh them off as quacks, or chalk it up to a brain disorder.  But what if the visions of earth’s fiery doom are happening to you?  How could you tell if you’re slipping away from reality, or the 21st Century’s Noah?  Take Shelter is a look at one man’s balancing act between insanity and prophecy, and it’s quite simply an amazing piece of work.

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