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Trailer: Sausage Party (TV Spot #1)

From the guys that brought you This is the End comes an animated feature so sliced and diced and almost fried that you have to wonder why you wouldn’t want to see it!!

Sausage Party released a new TV spot last night and it just makes me want to see this movie even more then I did when I saw the Red Band trailer months ago.

Staring the voices of:









You can join Sausage Party in theaters on August 12, 2016.

Review In The Round: Puss In Boots

Ever see a movie with a friend?  Of course you have.  Share your thoughts and see if you can come to a collective agreement on what you saw, how it flowed and how good it was?  Probably every night right.  We at Geek For E call that a ‘Review In The Round’ and this week it’s Puss In Boots with Rock & Alex.

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