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Oscars – who got it right?

The 84th Academy Awards have come and gone. Billy Crystal hosted and we laughed or we cried but either way we found out who won the golden man for those oh so pivotal categories. As you’ve seen for the past few weeks, we here at Geek for E have done our own countdown to the Oscars. So who got it right? Let’s find out after the break…

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Countdown to the Oscars – Our Picks for Music: Score & Song

The 84th showing of the Academy Awards will air on ABC on Sunday the 26th of February and we at Geek for E have decided to join in on the fun and give you our predictions of who will win.

Today we are going to look at the two Music categories – Score and Song. Score is the instrumental music that captures our minds with the theme of the movie. For a lot of us, if we hear the names James Horner or John Williams we know exactly what is being talked about. Song is for a song in the movie with spoken word and for some, these songs actually get radio play and could win a Grammy and an Oscar in the same year.
And with that…the nominations go to…

Review in the Round: “The Muppets”

Ever see a movie with a friend? Of course you have. Share your thoughts and see if you can come to a collective agreement on what you saw, how it flowed and how good it was? Probably every night right. We at Geek For E call that a ‘Review In The Round’ and this week it’s “The Muppets” with Rock & Alex.

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