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Want free stuff? Alrighty: where’s Denise?

Hey there fellow geeks!

Okay, so I love swag like a swag loving swag-addicted thing. And who doesn’t love free movie stuff? But what I really love is to share swag with like-minded folks. So, thanks to the kindness of the Movie PR Powers-That-Be, I can get you hooked on my obsession with free stuff share the love!

How? Simple.  I’ll give you a heads-up when I’m gonna give something away…just find me.

Yep, it’s that easy.  I look remarkably like my 2-D alter-ego up top there, except I’m not actually animated.  Which is kind of a bummer but what are you gonna do.  Find me, receive freebie goodness, then peel off in a cloud of swag happiness.  It’s that easy.

To start things off, I’ll be at two places this week.  Here’s the info, along with a hint of what I’ve got tucked away in my abnormally large purse:

Tonight, November 21, 2011 from 5-6pm: Barnes & Noble, White Marsh.  I’ll be sitting around drinking some sort of overly-sugared coffee beverage.  Be the first person to find me and score a Cat-astrophically cool Blu-Ray.  Seriously, it’s good stuff, & family friendly.

Tomorrow night, November 22, 2011 from 5:30-6:30pm: DuClaw Brewing Company, Arundel Mills Mall.  I’ll be imbibing.  I’ll have a DVD that will be a big hit for anyone who needs a bit of R-rated humor this Turkey Day.  Which is probably anyone heading out to visit the fam.

Again, be the first person to find me, and I’ll whip it out just for you.  The prize, people.  Get your mind out of the gutter.


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