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Weekend Wrap-up

Ant-Man drops to the number three spot after being in first for the last two weeks. While two new-comers are the number 1 and 2 spot…but that’s not always a good thing.¬†Mission:Impossible – Rouge Nation took the top spot while the Reboot/Sequel Vacation crawled into the number 2 spot with a very weak opening. And is Amy Schumer’s star falling as Trainwreck can’t crack the t0p 5¬†after three weeks of release.


Your top 10 list:

  1. Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation
  2. Vacation
  3. Ant-Man
  4. Minions
  5. Pixels
  6. Trainwreck
  7. Southpaw
  8. Paper Towns
  9. Inside Out
  10. Jurassic World

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