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Movie Screening: Antman (MON 07.13.15 @ 7:30PM)

I bet you like ants huh? The next evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe brings a founding member of The Avengers to the big screen for the first time with Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man” when master thief Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats.  This hotly anticipated Marvel hero is sure to blow up the box office and if you’ve got the skills of an ant, you may have seats for two to the Baltimore screening. Check out the details below the banner, and happy hunting you Hymenoptera!


Paul Rudd is the next Marvel hero

Paul Rudd is the next Marvel hero

Alright, don’t kill us on this one but the studio is being stingy on tix for this one and we have only 5 sets of tickets to give away.  Hmm…how to do it, how to do it?  It has to be fair for all you geeky faithful and the tickets must be given by hand.  Add to that the giveaway needs to be themed with the movie.  It’s time for a scavenger hunt people!  Did you know that ants have built in magnetic compasses?  They can even travel distances by following star patterns (I wonder if they’ll invoke that in the film?). To get a set of these tix, you’ll need to use your magnetic compass which is probably built into your smartphone.  We’ve hidden 4 envelopes at the Arundel Mills Mall where the screening will be held on Monday.  There are 3 envelopes with two Admit 1 tickets in them, and a 4th that has four Admit 1 tickets.  All you have to do is find them.  Of course if you had a compass it would be much easier.  Look at the images below, those are your exact coordinates to the envelopes (look for our logo on it!).   Now, don’t get frustrated if the envelope is not just sitting out in plain site for every mall passerby to ogle and pick up.  Check up, below and on the side of the location (and don’t worry, its all kiosks and public areas – no stores you’ll need to wander into.)  Everyone has a fair shot starting tomorrow AM when the mall opens because we’ve already hidden them and the mall is now closed.  If you find them, we’d love it if you posted an image to our Facebook feed for this promo!

Fine Print: Regardless of how how hard you work to find the tickets, they still don’t guarantee your admission to the screening.  As always, arrive early, very early.   Let the games begin (the morning of FRI 07.10.15)

Antman Tix #1

Antman Tix #2

Antman Tix #3

Antman Tix #4


  1. Myself and Forrest were there looking for the tickets sometime after 9 am.
    Did not find anything.
    Not only did we go to coordinates but walk around the entire mall, all in the
    public areas and kioks.
    I had ran into other Geekers and they were not able to find anything either.
    Came across John and his two kids. As well as Shawn, another Shawn,
    Courtney,and Kathy. Gave up after 11am.
    Trouble is if passes were hidden last night, the passes could have been
    found by other people last night. Remember the mall stays open for the
    restaurants and the movie theater and people could have been walking by
    and came across them.
    Also the mall cleanig crew cleans overnight as well as early in the morning.
    They start as early as 8am and could have picked them up if they noticed.

  2. So were the tickets gone when you checked on Friday afternoon? If so, can ya tell us where they were, so we can either kick ourselves for not checking there, or sigh in relief knowing we DID check there and they were long gone! 😉

    Despite my griping, it was a fun exercise. Might need some tweaking next time, though. Thanks!

  3. Yes folks, they were in fact picked up. Each set was taped to the location and each was gone. The 4th location was the pamphlet kiosk and the envelope was simply at the top right. The tickets are tagged with our logo so we’ll know if they are used. Thanks to all for participating and next time we’ll work out the kinks.

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