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Baltimore Screening — Thor: The Dark World. Want passes?

Well, that’s a no-brainer, right?  Because Marvel has been cranking out some serious awesome lately.  (Seen Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D lately?  OMG — how’d they bring Coulson back?  Wait, don’t tell me….)

So, we’ve got screening passes for the lastest Marvel throwdown — Thor: The Dark World.  Want a pair for yourself and your favorite person?  Read on!

Okay, as with most Marvel film screenings, this one’s happening with hard-copies.  So?  We’ll put your name on a list, and the gracious, awesome PR folks will give you your pass at the door!  Yaaaaay!

How?  E-mail me at geekfore@gmail with the subject line NORSE GODS ARE HOT.  The first twenty folks will get two passes to the November 4th screenin!.  Yipee!  And yes, I’ve had way too many Good N Plenty’s today.  Damn you, fun-size candies.

GOOD LUCK, everyone!!!



  1. I’ve tried to email like it said in this post, but gmail says its not a valid address.

    Baltimore screening please

    Norse Gods are Hot

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