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Last night I saw Creed 3. Although I enjoyed the movie, I found the movie to be a little uneven but found the characters compelling enough to care about them.  Jonathan Majors is great again in another role where he outshines everyone else. Not to say Tessa Thompson and Michael B. Jordan were underwhelming in the movie, they just don’t sparkle as much as Majors.  The movie has a feeling of family as well as forgetting those from our past.  Both guys look huge as they took their roles seriously in terms of putting on muscle. The movie had a perfect running time at just under 2 hours.  Parts of the movie felt like it was paying homage to earlier Rocky movies, specifically Rocky 3 and Rocky 4 as there was a nice 5–6-minute montage of Creed and Dame (Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors respectively) training and getting ready to fight each other.  All in all, the movie was good enough to recommend. B- (Writer: Marc Moses)

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