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TwiView: The Lost City, C+

TwiView: The Lost City, C+ (in theaters everywhere FRI 03.25.22) Sandra Bullock (Demolition Man) co-stars with Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street) in this sweet, implausible adventure and dare I say ‘love story?’  Loretta (Bullock) is a famed romance-adventure novelist who travels with Alan (Tatum) her cover-boy model that makes a living and life out of living as the pretty-boy Fabio cover model.  When Loretta taps into a clue to a famed Lost City in one of her books, she gets kidnapped by an eccentric zillionaire (Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe) intent on finding a treasure buried within.  The adventure is fun enough, and Bullock looks uh-mazing, but there’s just no chemistry between she and Tatum (not as love interests anyway).   What starts as a comical action farce to rescue Loretta, somehow morphs into a love confession.  And just when you thought you could let that go and absorb the payoff of the big treasure find and untold riches….you just get a dose of lovey-dovey reality.  Brad Pitt’s cameo is fun and a great comical stretch for him, but even he can’t save this one.  See it for the fun ‘Indy Jones’ style adventure, see it for a knock-out Bullock in a hot pantsuit!  Heck, even see if for Tatum’s bare-chested hot bod; but don’t see if for a believable romance between the two of them, you’ll be lost.

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