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TwiView: Matrix, Resurrections (2021)

Matrix, Resurrections (2021) A-.  They should have called it Matrix Redemptions; it erased the stench of the 2nd and 3rd installments.  It was fresh, it what was logically next for the Matrix on film and for the lore of how the Matrix system worked.  It was a bit long at 2hrs+ and for me, a little short on ‘money shot’ effects.  Thankfully, it’s still a love story at its core, centered around the two we know (even if this time they don’t know each other).  You don’t need to have seen Reloaded or Revolutions to feel right at home in this one.  It’s the original Matrix film…essentially resurrected (no spoilers!)  The opening scene sets the tone for a sweet ride down memory lane via the first film (keep your eyes open and if you can, watch the original before catching this one!).  #MatrixStillHasIt #MatrixMovie #MatrixBaltimore

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