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Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

TwitReview: Spider-Man: Homecoming is the next chapter in the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe. Great fun! No “origins” told. Surprises for everyone! 4 stars!

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Movie Review – “Guardians of the Galaxy”

TwitReview – “Guardians of the Galaxy” – Fantastic action, humor, story, and characters. Up there with “The Avengers” in scope, size, and enjoyment. Grade A+


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Movie Review – “Thor: The Dark World”

TwitView:  Thor: The Dark World — to use a comic book analogy, a filler issue that bridges two stories but still manages to have a life of it’s own. Grade 3 out of 5.


Full Review: Thor: The Dark World wants to be more in terms of a single plotted movie that involves one character and not the rest of the gang from 2012’s The Avengers. And on the surface it appears to do just that as we have Thor (Chris Hemsworth) cleaning up the messes that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) had created after 2011’s Thor as well as his role in the Chatari invasion on the non-New York side of the universe. Add to that a Dark Elf named Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) who comes out of hiding to use the power of the Aether to try and destroy all of creation and you have a movie that again wants to be stand alone. But peal back this surface and you’ll find a whole lot more. You’ll find a movie that in fact is a filler issue, a bridge, bringing together a previous issue (The Avengers) with a future issue (2014’s Gaurdian’s of the Galaxy). You’ll find a movie that expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe and shows that Earth isn’t the only planet out there any more (more so then what we saw in the original Thor movie and through the wormhole in The Avengers).

So as I do for most comic book movie movie reviews, here are The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky. Read on past the break to see what I had to say regarding Thor: The Dark World.


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Movie Review: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

You know the story of how it begins…two kids left in the wood on their own. Lost, tired, and hungry they stumble across a house made of gingerbread and candy. The Witch who lives there captures and tortures them to eventually try and  eat them. Using her street smarts, Gretel breaks free of her chains and frees her brother Hansel who was being forced to fatten up and eat as much sweets as possible. They team up to destroy the Witch by pushing her into the oven and slow watch her roast away and burn. We’ve read/heard this Fairy Tale for years. But what happens after they kill the Witch and escape back into the woods and society? This is the question that “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters” attempts to answer.

What did I think of H&G:WH? Well since you asked nicely I’ll tell you as I write a letter to the cast and crew with my thoughts. Read on why don’t ya!

Grade: F (for epic failure)

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Movie Review – The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner has had a big year so far with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Marvel’s: The Avengers.  He’s proved that he can play in the big boy sandbox as a team player and can go toe-to-toe with Tom Cruise and Robert Downey, Jr. Does Renner have the ability to lead a big budget action movie on his own and is he able to carry the weight of a very successful movie franchise on his shoulders and usher in a new continuation of the story?

All these questions and more will be answered in the next episode of Soap.  (There are a few of you out there laughing right now that get this reference).

Or just read my review below the image….

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Want a screening pass to Marvel’s The Avengers on May 1st?

C’mon.  This is the movie all geeks have been slavering over for what seems like forever.  And now it’s just around the corner.  But for some of you, it’s coming sooner than you think.  Because we have screening passes for Marvel’s The Avengers, in IMAX 3D!  Read on to see how you can score a seat for yourself….



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Movie Review – The Cabin in the Woods

Staring some faces I’m sure you’ll recognize from various television shows and one guy that has an even larger career then when The Cabin in the Woods was filmed … Co-writers Joss Whedon (TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse) and Drew Goddard (Cloverfield,) try to deliver a movie that reinvents the horror movie experience. The movie was originally set to be released in 2009, however, due to MGM going into bankruptcy that Fall, The Cabin in the Woods was forced to sit on the shelf until now.

Was it worth the wait and did they succeed?

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New Avengers “character banner” posters!

March is here, and with the warmer weather I’m getting more and more excited about this year’s Summer movie season.  Hunger Games opening next week, Men In Black 3 and Battleship in May, not to mention Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Dark Shadows, Brave and The Dark Knight Rises…. But my comic book geekette is really jonesing for some Avengers, and I’m double-lucky right now; it opens the first week of May, and Marvel has just released new posters that showcase each of the assembled superheroes.  Wanna see?  Yeah you do.

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New trailer for The Avengers hits at noon!

Leap Year Day — yay!  Really, really rainy day — boo.  But if you’re holed up inside today never fear; there’s a reason to be happy that you’re near your computer.  A new trailer for The Avengers will hit on Apple’s movie trailer website at noon.  That’s right, take yourself away from the wet and remind yourself that movie blockbuster season is only a heartbeat away.

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