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TwitView: “A Cure For Wellness”

Promising start, horrible-in-a-bad-way finish.  In-between is a whole lot of horror padding, and a waste of gorgeous cinematography and production design.  If you must head out to see this derivative mess, watch the first 40 minutes, then head home and write the rest in your head.  I guarantee it’ll be better than what goes on onscreen.

Movie Review – “XXX: The Return of Xander Cage”

TwitterReview: Vin Diesel is back as Xander Cage in the third entry of the “XXX” franchise, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. Lots of action and fun. Grade: 3 stars

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Review: Suicide Squad, B-

“All my friends are heathens take it slow.  Wait for them to ask you who you know.  Please don’t make any sudden moves.  You don’t know the half of the abuse” – Heathens by Twenty One Pilots (Suicide Squad soundtrack).

Yeah, those lyrics right about sum up this ragtag crew of misfits, weirdos, throwaways and just plain crazy folk.  In fact, the entire soundtrack is a veritable ode to each of the characters.  This film gets the job done.  And by that I mean it’s a perfectly enjoyable action ride at the cinemaplex.  What it’s not, is a fantasticly amazing, story intertwined, bridging of all things in the DC Universe.  And that’s ok, it doesn’t need to be.  I think there’s way too much pressure on comic book film-makers to not just make a good movie, which this is, but somehow weave magic into the story lines and forcibly captivate us into selling our young to get tickets to the next cross over or installment.  How about just a fun and enjoyable ride?  Suicide Squad is that.  B-

This crew has some work to do...

This crew has some work to do…

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Movie Review: Ghostbusters, 2016: A-

Don’t listen to the trolls, this is a funny and very original reboot.  The story centers on Erin (Wiig) and Abby (McCarthy), two egghead scientists whose lives have taken different paths.  After Erin is coerced into helping Abby and her new partner Jillian (played oh so well by Kate McKinnon of SNL fame) catch some ghosts, the team is reborn.  After recruiting newcomer Patty (or did she recruit them?), the fearsome foursome battle city politics, and a skeptical public on their way to saving the city from a dark menace intent on unleashing all the evil spirits trapped in the realm between the dead and the living.  Inspiring comedic performances by Chris Hemsworth as Kevin, a pretty-faced, but completely inept receptionist and of course Kate McKinnon as the eccentric Dr. Jillian Hotzmann.  Stay through the initial credits for more fun.  The only downer was the special effects used to create the final ghost (unless the film-makers were purposely doing an homage to the original 1980’s special effects capability).  The original cast does manage to make it back onto the screen this time and each is used perfectly and in no way suggestive that they had any past involvement with Ghostbusting.  Even Harold Ramis (who died last year) is represented, along with Ernie Hudson, Dan Akyroyd, Bill Murray and even Annie Potts who portrayed their original receptionist.

This is not the original and these ladies are dynamite!

This is not the original and these ladies are dynamite!

TwitView: The Conjuring 2

CONJURING 2 posterSequel slump averted – this film has scares, chills and creepyness just like it’s predecessor.  The horror is upped a bit here, but it’s still got that claustrophobic chill director James Wan does so well.  Recommended for all horror fans.  Horror lightweight?  You may want to stay home…or wait ’til Netflix, when you can watch with the lights on. Grade: A