Movie Screening: A Walk Among The Tombstones (TUE 09.16.14 @7:30PM)

Liam returns!

Liam returns with a vengeance!

No one denies Liam Neeson’s a bad ass, and although he keeps portraying the lone equalizer for the mob or for a family in his last few films, he plays it so well we just want to keep seeing him do it.  Know what I mean?  If you do, then you know the root of his new film,  A Walk Among The Tombstones.  Based on Lawrence Block’s bestselling series of mystery novels, A Walk among the Tombstones stars Liam Neeson as Matt Scudder, an ex-NYPD cop who now works as an unlicensed private investigator operating just outside the law.  When Scudder reluctantly agrees to help a heroin trafficker (Dan Stevens) hunt down the men who kidnapped and then brutally murdered his wife, the PI learns that this is not the first time these men have committed this sort of twisted crime…nor will it be the last. Blurring the lines between right and wrong, Scudder races to track the deviants through the backstreets of New York City before they kill again.


Wanna catch the Baltimore screening of this gritty new crime thriller?  We at Geek for E want you to walk amongst the tombstones.  That’s right, shoot a selfie (or work your Photoshop magic) to put your face next to a cemetery, tombstone or even a mausoleum.  The first 40 posts to our Facebook page of the image, win a set of tickets for 2!

DISCLAIMER: Your ticket does not guarantee your admission to any screening.  As always, arrive early!

Movie Screening: As Above, So Below (THU 08.28.14 – 7PM), Where’s Geek For E?

It’s that time again.  Time to meet one of us geek4e’rs (Rock in this case).  He’ll be on the scene at White Marsh to put an admit two ticket in your hand.  Check the deets on this crazy new supernatural thriller that’s looking to haunt you into the ground.  Remember, the only way out…is up.


Catacombs below Paris hold a bit more than the world's finest mushrooms

Catacombs below Paris hold a bit more than the world’s finest mushrooms

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TwiView – The Expendables 3 (2014), B+

Pure cinema entertainment for the action junkie.  Not Shakespeare or award winning, but such a fun ride from beginning to end.  Wesley Snipes returns without missing a beat and Mel Gibson’s villainy brings him back to the big screen in just the right way.  Only complaint were the casualties suffered by the Expendables team.  B+

More action stars than you can shake a stick at

More action stars than you can shake a stick at

Movie Review: Into the Storm

TwitView: Cool FX!  Lukewarm characters.  Boom! C*

Into the Storm deals with a Big Bad tornado, what would be called an EF-5 on the Enhanced Fujita scale (which in and of itself is fascinating stuff) Originally called a “Category 6” tornado film — a wording snafu as the Fujita scale goes from 0-5, making the sixth category E-5 — other titles were bandied about ‘til Into the Storm stuck. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of damage and destruction in this film. But Twister still stands as the #1 tornado film, thanks to it’s deeper look into the lives and motivations of it’s characters.  Those things felt tacked on and hollow in Into the Storm.

Welcome to Kansas.  Home of Dorothy, sunflowers and badass tornados.  Into the Storm focuses on that last one, in case you haven’t seen the “plane-nado” trailer that’s been in heavy rotation of late.  But this film has no trailer park, but instead focuses on how the middle class struggles with having no cell phone reception…and no roof over their heads.  Okay, there are a few yahoos here for comic relief, but mostly this deals with two groups; a local kid and his brother prepping for the year’s HS graduation ceremony that they’re filming for their Vice Principal dad, and the scientist stormchasers that are looking to make a ton of money documentary of a superstorm.

The elder brother Donnie (Max Deacon) decides to ditch his filming responsibilities and instead help his crush Kaitlyn (Alycia Debnam Carey) re-film her summer eco-internship film, which got corrupted because technology sucks.  So they head out to the abandoned, decrepit old paper mine to get footage.  What could go wrong?  Younger bro Trey (Nathan Kress) sticks with dad (Richard Armitage, taller and less hairy than he is in The Hobbit).  Dad tries to talk the Principal out of holding the graduation ceremonies outside; looks like there’s a storm coming.  But the Principal poo-poos him.  What could go wrong?  Meanwhile, storm-nerds Allison, Pete, Daryl, Jacob (Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh, Arlen Escarpeta and Jeremy Sumpter) desperately try to find a storm before their financial backing gets pulled.  When Allison sees that a storm is building in Silverton Kansas, which is where the HS graduation/abandoned paper mill happen to be.  But don’t worry, their TARDIS Titus tank of a car can lock down in winds up to 170 MPH; only E-5 tornados go faster than that.  What could go wrong?  Yop, you bet’cha.


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Movie Review: Magic in the Moonlight

Twitview: Not his best, not his worst.  Firth & Stone are sweet and funny. B

Stanley (Colin Firth) hates a con artist.  Which is kind of ironic, as he’s a magician of the highest order, providing his audiences with grade-A illusions.  But outside of his day (night?) job, he’s a debunker of pseudo-mystics, and he loves his work.  So when his best — and only — friend Howard (Simon McBurney) calls upon him to help debunk a mystic that has her claws in a wealthy family down in the French Riviera, Stanley leaps at the opportunity.  But Sophie (Emma Stone) isn’t what he expects, and soon he’s questioning his ideals.  Should he stick with stodgy, disappointing truth or allow that there’s the possibility of magic and joy in the world?

The basic story here is Stanley’s battle with his own deeply held disbelief.  He’s desperate to hold on to the idea that there is no real magic in the world, that there’s an explanation for everything, and that the head trumps the heart every time.  Of course you know he’ll be taken down a peg or two.  Being as this is a Woody Allen joint though, Stanley will get a ton of wisecracks in before his inevitable shift in perspective.  Firth and McBurney have a wonderful lifelong pals chemistry, and although I’m sick to death of the May/December romances that litter Woody’s work, I have to admit that the chemistry between Firth and Stone is equally engaging.

Colin Firth is winning here, even though his Stanley is about as big a jerk as anyone could come across.  Plus, it’s good to see Firth dust off his Darcy, as Stanley is just as arrogant as his Austen counterpart. There’s even a playful wink-nudge for P&P fans, as Stanley plays out a scene that seems cribbed straight from Austen’s notebooks. Fun in it’s own right, but even better if you know the ‘95 BBC adaptation.  Sadly there’s no rising up from the lake in this film.  Sorry folks.


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Movie Review – “Guardians of the Galaxy”

TwitReview – “Guardians of the Galaxy” – Fantastic action, humor, story, and characters. Up there with “The Avengers” in scope, size, and enjoyment. Grade A+


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Kevin Smith Is Back With ‘Tusk’

Haven’t gotten your Kevin Smith fix in a minute?  We hear you, he and his irrepressible sidekick haven’t been on the silver screen for a few years, but that’s all about to change with ‘Tusk.’  Check out the latest trailer via the link below.  Stay geeky!


“I don’t want to die in Canada”

Kevin Smith returns to the silver screen

Kevin Smith returns to the silver screen


TUSK will have its world premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Download the official trailer here:


A film written and directed by Kevin Smith

Starring Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, and Genesis Rodriguez

From the singular mind of writer/director and podcaster Kevin Smith, and conceived from one of Smith’s own Smodcast’s, TUSK is a story unlike anything that has ever been committed to screen before. A tale that is equal parts hilarious and horrifying, TUSK will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Read more about the film on Kevin Smith’s blog:


A24 will release TUSK in theaters September 19, 2014

For more info:




Movie Review: Lucy

Twitview: Existential sci-fi at it’s most fun. Johansson’s best performance to date.  B

Man, I’d love to be able to mainline Luminosity and really be a big-brained mofo.  You too?  Scarlett Johansson’s gal is in the wrong place at the wrong time (or maybe it’s all right?) and gets to discover what it’s like to be 100% brilliant in Lucy.  If 100% comes with goons trying to kill me, and my body trying to come apart at the atomic level?  Maybe I’ll accept my limits.

Lucy (Johansson) has spent some funtimes with a guy named Richard.  Richard has a delivery to make, but he doesn’t want to make it.  So he does what any other nice guy would do; he handcuffs a briefcase onto the girl he just shagged, and forces her to do it.  Lucy gets in over her head real fast, and before she knows it, she’s got a bunch of stitches on her abdomen and a gut full of blue crystal that’s supposed to be the next big wonderdrug for all the junkies out there.  When one of her mob babysitters kicks her in the gut for saying no to his advances, Lucy gets to know what it’s like to ride that particular drug train…and it’s a whole lot more than it’s developers had in  mind.  As her mind begins to expand, and crazy new powers develop, she decides to take down the jerks who did this to her.  Meanwhile, Professor Norton — neuroscientist extraordinaire — gets a phone call from a woman who embodies all his hypothesis, looking for help.  Guess who?


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Movie Screening: Lucy (TUE 07.22.14 – 7:30PM)

Are you a fan of Scarlet Johottie?  I know I am. Throw legendary action helmer Luc Besson (The Professional) into the mix and now you’ve got something explosive.  Lucy is a reluctantly enhanced killing machine on a mission to thwart the forces that have turned her.  Morgan Freeman (Wanted) stars as a wayward scientist trying to track and understand the ‘being’ that has been created.  Want to check them all on on the big screen at the Baltimore screening?  Sure you do, click below the banner to find out how to get your tix.

ScarJo is a bio-engineered killing machine

ScarJo is a bio-engineered killing machine

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Movie Screening: Get On Up! (TUE 07.29.14 – 7:30PM)

“does it feel good? Yes.  Does it sound good? Yes.  Well that’s funky music baby!”

The godfather of soul is getting his day on the silver screen as Chadwick Boseman (42) stars in this true-story epic of the troubling and triumphant rise of one of the most electrifying and eclectic performers of our time.  From his meager childhood beginning to his meteoric rise to greatness, this film will have you moving to the beat and ‘getting on up’ to the funky sounds of the coolest soul brother in the land.  Want a set f admit two tix to see the Baltimore screening?  Click below the banner for details!

Chadwick Boseman stars as the legendary King of Soul, James Brown

Chadwick Boseman stars as the legendary King of Soul, James Brown

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