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Movie Screening: Bridget Jones’s Baby (TUE 09.13.16 @ 7:30PM)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Bridget and her wobbly bits, but she’s clawed her way back to the big screen, and we want you to catch the Baltimore screening of her new film with us.  Contest details are below the film info – stay geeky!

Bridget's got a 50-50 baby daddy scenario on her hands

Oscar® winners Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth are joined by Patrick Dempsey for the next chapter of the world’s favorite singleton in Bridget Jones’s Baby.  Directed by Sharon Maguire (Bridget Jones’s Diary), the new film in the beloved comedy series based on creator Helen Fielding’s heroine finds Bridget unexpectedly expecting.

After breaking up with Mark Darcy (Firth), Bridget Jones’s (Zellweger) “happily ever after” hasn’t quite gone according to plan.  Fortysomething and single again, she decides to focus on her job as top news producer and surround herself with old friends and new.  For once, Bridget has everything completely under control.  What could possibly go wrong?

Then her love life takes a turn and Bridget meets a dashing American named Jack (Dempsey), the suitor who is everything Mr. Darcy is not.  In an unlikely twist she finds herself pregnant, but with one hitch…she can only be fifty percent sure of the identity of her baby’s father.

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Box Office Breakdown – 8/15/2016

A critically mixed bag of reviews, two animated movies, a remake, a return, and some bad moms make up your top 5 for the weekend!

Geek for E_Box Office Breakdown

  1. Suicide Squad – The critics hate it. The fans are mixed. Yet DC’s Extended Universe of movies keep making money as Suicide Squad took the number one spot again for the second week.
  2. Sausage Party (new) – Raunchy animated comedy about grocery store food and what their daily life is like.
  3. Pete’s Dragon (new) – Disney remakes another movie from the 70’s for today’s modern audiences.
  4. Jason Bourne – Three weeks out and I think everyone that wanted to see another “Bourne” move already saw it.
  5. Bad Moms – someone is seeing it as it is in the top five for the third week. Let’s see what happens next week.

News and Notes:

  • The Ghostbusters (2016) remake is close to being classified as a BOMB of a remake.
  • Florence Foster Jenkins (new) opened in the 8th spot. Period pieces are not wide-range movies.
  • Kids movies are still out there for those that want to take the family – The Secret Life of Pets, Finding Dory, and Ice Age: Collision Course.


Trailer news – Bad Santa 2 (red band trailer)

Red band trailer (pretty sure that this means that it’s not safe for work so play it where only you can hear it) for Bad Santa 2

From the official site and description:

BAD SANTA 2 returns Academy Award®-winner BILLY BOB THORNTON to the screen as America’s favorite anti-hero, Willie Soke. Fueled by cheap whiskey, greed and hatred, Willie teams up once again with his angry little sidekick, Marcus (TONY COX), to knock off a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve. Along for the ride is ‘the kid’ – chubby and cheery Thurman Merman (BRETT KELLY), a 250-pound ray of sunshine who brings out Willie’s sliver of humanity.

Mommy issues arise when the pair are joined by Academy Award®, Golden Globe and Emmy-winner KATHY BATES, as Willie’s horror story of a mother, Sunny Soke. A super butch super bitch, Sunny raises the bar for the gang’s ambitions, while somehow lowering the standards of criminal behavior. Willie is further burdened by lusting after the curvaceous and prim Diane, played by Emmy Award-nominee CHRISTINA HENDRICKS, the charity director with a heart of gold and libido of steel.

In Theatres November 23

Review: Suicide Squad, B-

“All my friends are heathens take it slow.  Wait for them to ask you who you know.  Please don’t make any sudden moves.  You don’t know the half of the abuse” – Heathens by Twenty One Pilots (Suicide Squad soundtrack).

Yeah, those lyrics right about sum up this ragtag crew of misfits, weirdos, throwaways and just plain crazy folk.  In fact, the entire soundtrack is a veritable ode to each of the characters.  This film gets the job done.  And by that I mean it’s a perfectly enjoyable action ride at the cinemaplex.  What it’s not, is a fantasticly amazing, story intertwined, bridging of all things in the DC Universe.  And that’s ok, it doesn’t need to be.  I think there’s way too much pressure on comic book film-makers to not just make a good movie, which this is, but somehow weave magic into the story lines and forcibly captivate us into selling our young to get tickets to the next cross over or installment.  How about just a fun and enjoyable ride?  Suicide Squad is that.  B-

This crew has some work to do...

This crew has some work to do…

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8/2/2016 – Box Office Breakdown

First I need to offer a very long overdue sorry for the delay in this weekly article. Real life (the one outside of the Geek for E flag) just took over and as you saw you didn’t see this article each week.

But I’m back and I’m ready to pick up where I left off…..the weekly Box Office Breakdown.

Geek for E_Box Office Breakdown

  1. Jason Bourne (new) – Matt Damon is “Bourne” Again! And it seems that he was missed (as some didn’t care for Jeremy Renner’s Bourne Legacy”).
  2. Star Trek Beyond – two weeks out on the Enterprise’s next adventure and dropped to the number two spot.
  3. Bad Moms (new) – another comedy where we take the normal and shake it up into a “let’s all be bad-asses” movie. Looks funny but the box office doesn’t seem to be laughing.
  4. The Secret Life of Pets – a family animated moviekeeping strong in the top five.
  5. Ice Age: Collision Course – another family animated movie keeping strong in the top five

News and Notes:

  • Ghostbusters (2016) is still getting mixed reviews and still slipping in the box office. I wonder if this may grow when the digital download and Blu-ray are released later this year.
  • Finding Dorry is still in the top 10 finishing in at number 9.
  • It will be interesting to see how this weekend the Suicide Squad does after the mixed reviews that Batman v Superman got back in May.

Be The Boss Giveaway, The Boss on DVD/BluRay, 07.26.16

Do you have the skills?  Are you a boss?  Well this contest is for you!  We’re promoting the DVD/BluRay release of Melissa McCarthy’s ‘The Boss’ and we want to put a copy of the disc in your hands.  Want to know how to get one?  Check out the details on the release below and click the link for contest rule.  Stay geeky!

Melissa McCarthy does her best post-prison Martha Stewart impression in this hilarious new comedy hitting video on 07.26.16.

Melissa McCarthy does her best post-prison Martha Stewart impression in this hilarious new comedy hitting video on 07.26.16

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TV News: Justice League Action trailer

Cartoon Network is debuting a new animated Justice League cartoon this Fall. Check out the trailer and the voice cast!

  • Kevin Conroy – Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • Rachel Kimsey – Princess Diana / Wonder Woman
  • Jason J. Lewis – Clark Kent / Superman
  • Diedrich Bader – Michael Jon Carter / Booster Gold
  • P. J. Byrne – Firestorm
  • John DiMaggio – Darkseid, Lobo
  • Michael Dorn – Atrocitus
  • Mark Hamill – The Joker, Alec Holland / Swamp Thing
  • Josh Keaton – Hal Jordan / Green Lantern
  • Khary Payton – Victor Stone / Cyborg
  • Carl Reiner – William A. Zard / The Wizard
  • Armin Shimerman – Zilius Zox
  • Dana Snyder – Patrick O’Brian / Plastic Man
  • Brent Spiner – Edward Nygma / The Riddler
  • Joanne Spracklen – Kara Zor-El / Supergirl
  • James Woods – Lex Luthor