Weekend Wrap-up

It was a tight weekend but Straight Outta Compton just edged out War Room for the top spot. Meanwhile newly released We Are Your Friends stank up the joint so bad that it did not even come near the top 10. Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. are still holding strong.

I think we can call Jurassic World the winner for the summer as it’s been holding in the top 10 for 12 weeks straight!


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Transformers Cake – More then Meets the Eye!

When I was a kid in the early 80’s watching the original Transformers cartoon I NEVER thought something like this would ever be able to happen. I mean, a cake in the shame of Optimus Prime that can transform from truck to robot????? MINDBLOWING!!!!!!

Thanks to our friends at CinemaBlend.com for finding this video – the little boy in me is now wanting that cake. Who am I kidding…the adult wants that cake too!

Weekend Wrap-up

Straight Outta Compton went straight to the top while the Fantastic Four is about to fall out of the top ten list! Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation is still having a strong word-of-mouth while three new movies that hit this weekend had weak box office debuts.


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“Room” trailer gives good creep in a small space

roomHow’d you like to live in a 10’x10′ room?  No, hipsters, I’m not talking about one of those groovy Small Houses that are all over Pinterest.  I’m talking about a windowless room with no way of getting out.  For years.  YEARS.

Welcome to Room, based on the novel by Emma Donoghue.  Here’s the trailer, and it’s downright creepy…

Spooky, right? Not “monsters in the closet” spooky, but “wow, this could probably happen IRL” spooky.

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TwitView: The End of the Tour

end of the tour

Realistic, heart-wrenching and powerful.  A look at what fame is, and what it means, as seen through the eyes of two highly dysfunctional individuals trying their best to deal with the world.  Doesn’t matter if you’ve read the book; if you’re interested in digging into what makes people tick, see this film.  Grade: A

The book Infinite Jest may be over a thousand pages and absolutely intimidating for the casual reader, but The End of the Tour is the kind of movie anyone can relate to.  Everyone has, at some point, felt that sting of not truly fitting in, of trying to figure out how to live this life.  David Foster Wallace’s uncertainty, mistrust and reclusive behavior may not be what everyone experiences, but Jason Segel breathes life into the character.  He doesn’t make Wallace a loveable teddy bear in the performance, but you can understand Wallace.  It’s uncomfortable to see and painful to watch sometimes, but you get it.  Same goes for Jesse Eisenberg’s Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky.  Lipsky has his own issues, and his own forces that drive him.  And the clash between Wallace’s understanding of fame — “David, this is not real” — and Lipsky’s not-so-secret lusting after it, makes Tour a fascinating watch.

Not to say that this film is for everyone.  It’s dialogue heavy and has an extremely sharp focus; secondary characters trot in and out of frame, and while their performances are equally good (especially Mamie Gummer as Wallace’s friend Julie, and Joan Cusack as chauffeur/Minneapolis tour guide Patty), nobody else is onscreen long enough to fully register.  So if you’re not down with a borderline Waiting for Godot/I’m Not Rappaport-esuqe plot, you may be bored to tears.

For those ready to dig in as deeply as the actors do?  You’ll be rewarded with an incredible look inside the creative process, and the minds that create/hope to create greatness.

TwitView: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

uncleA gorgeous, fun-to-watch, muddled mess that brings back the very best of 60s spy films.  Beautifully shot, and brilliantly acted by Cavill and Hammer.  Ritchie knows how to frame and shoot a film to make it impossible for filmgoers to look away.  And with that much pretty onscreen, why would you?  The chemistry between Cavill, Hammer and Ex Machina‘s  Alicia Vikander is amazing.  I’m down for a sequel.  Grade: A-

TwitView: Straight Outta Compton


Powerfully acted, amazing concert recreations, and a story that pays tribute to the legends while still being extremely relevant today.  Boom.  Grade: A

First things first; no, you don’t have to be up on your 90s gangster rap to “get” Straight Outta Compton. Because Compton is more than a film about rap stars that made it big. It’s about a group of young men who by sheer luck and great talent managed to blast out of their humble beginnings and onto the charts by telling the unvarnished truth about their lives. And that story — the modern day hero’s quest, if you will — is what makes Compton so compelling.  Compton covers the story of N.W.A., and the men involved with the group, from their beginnings in Compton through the breakup, solo careers and ends with the death of Easy-E.

Scenes of blatant police misconduct hit especially hard after the police related deaths in Ferguson, Baltimore and New York. So do the performances; the actors embody their characters so completely that at times it’s hard to remember this isn’t a documentary. Ice Cube’s real-life son plays Cube in the movie, and the resemblance is uncanny. So are Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell as Dr. Dre and Easy-E. [Read more…]

Weekend Wrap-up

Tom Cruise and the 5th Mission Impossible hit big while Fox’s Fantastic Four came up short in the box office (with tons of bad reviews and press). The biggest surprise is that the comedies that are out are not gaining any traction and keep dropping week by week.

Flip side is that the top three are all new this week.


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TV News – Netflix brings “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” animated reboot

Variety is reporting that Netflix will be bring back Mr. Peabody and Sherman for a new 30-minute animated series. Set to debut on October 9, the 13-episode half-hour features picks up after the 2014 Dreamworks movie. In this iteration, Peabody and Sherman have a late-night talk show out of their Manhattan apartment and interview the greats of the past throughout history.


Mr. Peabody is voiced by SNL’s Chris Parnell (replacing Ty Burrell who voiced Mr. Peabody in the animated movie) while Max Charles returns to voice Sherman.