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The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

We all know who the Batman is, but does Bruce Wayne really know?

The Dark Knight Rises is a movie of questions and of struggles. Society as a whole, a man and his inner deamons, a woman on the brink of something huge and a thief looking for a clean slate.

This is a movie with a comic book character in it, not a comic book movie.

Bruce Wayne has become a hermit in his many roomed mansion for the past 8 years since he took the fall for Harvey Dent’s atrocities. Alfred has always been the loyal servant but is growing painfully weary for Bruce. The Batman has not been seen in years and even Bruce struggles with who he is and should be. [Read more…]

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

When I was nine I received a paperback graphic novel titled “The Amazing Spiderman.”  I devoured it.  It recounted the origin of one of my favorite all time super heroes.  One I could truly relate to, not the most popular kid, into science, let’s say just a “touch on the fringe.”  I remember imagining that I, too, possessed these powers, the ability to walk up walls and have super strength and lightening reflexes.  I also remember the trouble I would get into for leaving black footprints on my parents’ fresh hallway paint while trying to exercise my spider wall climbing ability.  This was of course one of the innocent modalities of youth which I’m sure many of us have experienced.  But alas, we must grow up.  We must set aside our innocence and the pleasantries of ignorance and go out into the world where there is no such thing as radioactive spiders, at least, not the kind that grant us superpowers.  We must inevitably face the reality that life has real challenges and heartbreak and loss.

The metamorphosis from youth to adulthood is what Marc Webb attempts to capture with his rebooted vision of “The Amazing Spider-man.”  This feat is managed reasonably well despite some rather lazy plot devices and undeveloped character motivation.  And while Andrew Garfield owns the role of Spidey, crawling carefully from Tobey Macguire’s shadow, he lacks some of the powerlessness we come to expect from Peter Parker.  I, for one, actually enjoy this grittier version. [Read more…]

Bmore Screening: Red Tails – Jan 19th

George Lucas, who has created some of the most electrifying aerial battles in movie history, is now bringing to life the stirring tale of the courageous black pilots of the Tuskegee program, unsung heroes who were our country’s last hope against a seemingly unbeatable enemy.

Do you want to go? Of coarse you do or else you wouldn’t be reading this!

Geek for e is bringing you yet another great Baltimore area movie screening. All you have to do is be there early!

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Bmore Screening: Man On A Ledge – Jan 10th

A last minute Baltimore movie screening is never a bad thing is it? Free tickets to a an upcoming movie for all of you fine folks.

Geek for e has the opportunity to give away a few tickets to Man On A  Ledge starring Elizabeth Banks and Sam Worthington.

Make sure you show up early so you and your date can sit together!

Good luck winning the tickets.

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Bmore Screening: The Devil Inside – Jan 5th

Geek for e has a bunch of admit 1 tickets for you fine folks out there. That is if you are man/woman enough to watch this sure to be fright fest!

As for myself, I will be skipping this one (I am a wuss). But I have been hearing some damn scary things about The Devil Inside.

Starting today, our screenings will require you all to do some work! Comments, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed etc all will be part of the Free Passes we give out.

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