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Movie Review: Sing 2 (in theaters and On-Demand, WED 12.22.21)

Buster Moon is at it again!  Only this time, you’ll feel a bit different about it.  Sing 2 thumps into theaters and On Demand this holiday weekend and hopes to entice you and your little ones back for some high flying adventure and super cool pop tunes like the original.  All the cast is back including some newcomers (Singers Halsey & Bono as well as Letitia Wright to name a few), and they’re trying to put on an epic show anchored by a retired rock-and-roll star who is reluctantly pulled back into showbiz.   For me, this one is a miss – not because it’s almost 2 hours long (is that necessary?), and not because it’s the same awesome pop-music & hijinks formula as the original.  For me, it misses because it’s not inspiring, nor original.  You know the show will happen; you know it’ll be epic – but where’s the character growth?  Even Rosita (the worrywart pig voiced by Reese Witherspoon), and Meena (the shy elephant voiced by Tori Kelly) are the same tepid characters who big shock, overcome it again in the 3rd act.  I loved the song selections (covering the 70’s thru today), the coloring was masterful (the Ms. Crawly chase scene was amazing!), but it doesn’t make the film, and your little ones will fade away a bit, it’s just too long.  I’m giving this one a C+; see it if you have kids who need some new ‘food’ and loved the original.  Heck, watch it if you dig pop music through the years, but I defy you to not think you’re watching Zootopia 2 in between the song numbers. 

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