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TwitView: American Assassin, A- (in theaters now!)

TwitView: American Assassin, A- (in theaters now) The popular book series springs to tense and gut wrenching life and you will be gripped from the opening scene to its penultimate conclusion. Story centers on a young, brash and fragmented man recruited into a CIA assassin program ran by Keaton. Together they work to stop a rogue operative whose spinning the globe to assemble the money, brains and tech to make a nuclear weapon. Film is filled with exotic world locales and just the right amount of sass and brass from the lead. This is a spy suspense-thrliler that achieved in one film what the Bourne series couldn’t do in 5 iterations. Keaton shines as the hard ass former Black Ops agent turned instructor. Box office prediction: $24M opening but word of mouth will take this taut thriller to $100m easy #americanassassinBaltimore #keatonstaysabadass#americanassassinreview