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The Ghastly Awards: vote for 2012 winners, nominate for 2013!

Hi all!  Okay, I promised more info on the Fan Favorite award and how you could vote.  Ready?  O-kay!

Fans can vote for ALL categories, and have the final say in who gets the award for Best New Series.  If you need a refresher, here are this year’s Best New Series nominees:

Remember, I’m a judge for the awards, so I can’t help but love the Ghastlies.  But I promise not to try to sway your opinion.  (Mostly because I’m such a fan of all the nominees….)

More info on voting for the 2012 Awards, and how to nominate for 2013 after the jump!

Here’s the info, straight from the press release:

Vote Now for the
2012 Ghastly Awards

Voting is open to Creators and Fans from
Jan. 1, 2013 – Jan. 31, 2013.

Voting is now open for the 2012 Ghastly Awards! Please go to to vote today! Voting is open to Comic Creators and Fans, with Fans having all the say in the Best New Series Category. Even if you are a nominee you can still vote, so let your voice be heard, and make sure to let everyone you know to VOTE for the 2012 Ghastly Awards!


Submissions are Now Open
for the 2013 Ghastly Awards

Submissions for the 2013 Ghastly Awards will be
accepted from January 1, 2013 – December 14, 2013.

With the New Year upon us, we are going to make a little change to the 2013 Ghastly Award process. Starting on January 1, 2013 a new format will be put in place, with the Ghastly Award Judges taking submissions for nomination consideration throughout the year. So all creators and publishers can now submit there Horror Comics and Web Comics to the Ghastly Awards to be considered for Nomination. Throughout the year the Ghastly Award Judges will read the submissions and at the end of the year the Judges will choose the top 5 nominees. Then 2 ballots will be created to decide the winners. The first ballot will be for all Creators and the second ballot will be for the Fans. Creators and Judges will still have a majority say in who wins the Awards, but we feel that getting the fans involved will get a good buzz going in regards to the Awards.

If you would like to submit your work please go to for more information.

Go forth, and vote!

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