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Hey fellas, need to stay classy? Give your little Anchorman the support he deserves? Our Anchorman 2 giveaway could help….

Stay classy.  How many times have you parroted Ron Burgundy’s catchphrase?  And yet, you feel as if there’s something missing, a piece that you haven’t fit in yet, that would make you the classy guy you’ve always dreamed of being.

Well.  We can help you there.

Because yes, we can Anchorman 2 you from top to toe.  Because Jockey underwear — yeah, baby — has partnered with Anchorman 2 and we’ve got a pair of tighty whities for your “Little Anchorman”.  (Or your Big Anchorman.  We’re not judging.)

Actually, these won’t be white.  They’ll be “Sex Panther Red” or “Beard of Zeus Blue”.  Because what other colors would they be? Scotchy-scotch-scotch Yellow?   Nobody wants yellow drawers.  (The Ben & Jerry’s Scotchy Scotch Scotch flavor, however, is delicious, and probably won’t stain your drawers.  Unless you get all freaky with your ice cream, and again, no judgement.)

So how do you win a pair for yourownself?  How do you “Give your Little Anchorman the support he deserves”?  We’ve got a little contest.  Or a big contest.  As you like.

Jockey AnchormanPackage 4729

Give your Little Anchorman the support he deserves!


 What: An Anchorman 2 prize package!  Yaaaay!  It’ll include Jockey Anchorman 2 briefs, along with a ton of other classy swag from the film.

Where: On your little Anchorman, of course.

When: Right.  Now.  Or, as soon as you figure out how to enter.

Why: Because don’t we all deserve to stay classy?

How: Answer me this; besides Ron Burgundy of course, who’s your favorite Anchorman?  As always, there are no wrong answers, but points will be given for creativity and for making me laugh.  I’m easily bribed by laughter.

Submit your answer to me via e-mail (that’s y’all) with the subject line CLASSY LITTLE ANCHORMAN.  Be sure to include your mailing address, so if you’re a winner you can get your swag on.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS 5PM FRIDAY.  So what are you waiting for?  Go get ’em, tiger!


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