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Movie Review – “Kill the Messenger”

TwitReview: Jeremy Renner stars in Kill the Messenger. The real-life story about journalist Gary Webb who’s articles in 1996 revealed the hidden truth about the CIA controlled drug trafficking taking place in the United States.  Grade: B-

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Movie Review – Trouble with the Curve

See the ball, hit the ball. A common phrase heard around baseball for years. See the ball…if you see the ball your mind is clear and able to process what’s happening around you. Hit the ball…with your mind clear you’re able to make contact, get a hit, take your base. See the ball, hit the ball. Seems simple enough. Yet this is where Trouble with the Curve misses the mark as it so badly wants to hit a Home Run at the bottom of the 9th, with the bases loaded, your team down by three runs, and you’re at the plate with a full count (3 balls, 2 strikes for those not in the know). When in fact it keeps hitting a foul ball early at bat and eventually when the hit happens, there’s no coming back from the deficit your team finds itself in.


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