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Movie Review: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

TwittReview: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” – Spider-Man battles Electro. Peter and Gwen try to figure out their relationship. The Green Goblin and Rhino wait toward the end of the movie to attack Spidey. Fast action, funny comments, Stan Lee. Excelsior! Grade: B+


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Baltimore Comic-Con announces it’s panel schedule!

Coming to Baltimore Comic-Con this year?  It’s next weekend, and it’s gonna be pretty darn awesome.  The guys from Comic Book Men will be there, as will Stan Lee and a TON of amazing comic book pros.  I’ll be there, and I’ll gladly shake a hand and make a friend.  But really, it’s all about the books, amirite?  Yeah baby!

The ‘Con released it’s schedul and it’s looking sweet.  Wanna sit in on a Q&A with Joe “Locke & Key” Hill or Mike Mignola (why not both?), talk about banned comics, or just listen to all sorts of creative types talk amongst themselves?  You can do that.  I’ve got the full breakdown after the jump; thanks for the list, BCC!

And if you’re into beer, comics and charity — and really, who isn’t? — get over to Pratt Street Ale House the night before for Drink & Draw.  I know I’ll be there (shout-out to Bishop’s Breakfast Oatmeal Stout!!)  Gotta get prepped for the coming awesomeness onslaught….

See y’all at the ‘Con!

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Stan “The Man” Lee coming back to Baltimore Comic-Con!

I love Baltimore Comic-Con, I won’t lie.  It’s the geekiest of the larger Comic-Cons, which means more time to spend with the designers, writers and developers of the comics/graphic novels you love (or love to watch on tv; can I get a what-what, The Walking Dead?)

Now, there’s something more to celebrate as Stan Lee, THE man of Marvel, returns to Baltimore Comic-Con this year.  Sweet!

His visit last year was a huge success — anyone who saw or waited in the looooong lines waiting to say hello to him can attest to that — so I’m glad to see he’s coming back.

More?  I’ve got your more right here.

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