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Baltimore Comic-Con announces it’s panel schedule!

Coming to Baltimore Comic-Con this year?  It’s next weekend, and it’s gonna be pretty darn awesome.  The guys from Comic Book Men will be there, as will Stan Lee and a TON of amazing comic book pros.  I’ll be there, and I’ll gladly shake a hand and make a friend.  But really, it’s all about the books, amirite?  Yeah baby!

The ‘Con released it’s schedul and it’s looking sweet.  Wanna sit in on a Q&A with Joe “Locke & Key” Hill or Mike Mignola (why not both?), talk about banned comics, or just listen to all sorts of creative types talk amongst themselves?  You can do that.  I’ve got the full breakdown after the jump; thanks for the list, BCC!

And if you’re into beer, comics and charity — and really, who isn’t? — get over to Pratt Street Ale House the night before for Drink & Draw.  I know I’ll be there (shout-out to Bishop’s Breakfast Oatmeal Stout!!)  Gotta get prepped for the coming awesomeness onslaught….

See y’all at the ‘Con!

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Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner come to Baltimore Comic-Con!

I’m a comic book nerd.  No question there.  I wish I could read everything I love, but y’know…morgage, food and stuff.

But I do love Comic-Con, where I can meet my favorite creators and drool on them!  I’m sure they’re less pleased.

This year, Baltimore Comic-Con will bring back Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner — the husband/wife duo that have so much mad skill it’s a wonder their home hasn’t exploded from awesome.  Maybe it has.  Maybe that’s why they’re coming.  Guess we’ll see.

Palmiotti is best known his work on Jonah Hex, but he’s also an accomplished screenwriter.  I was able to sit in on a New 52 panel he sat in on, and it’s always cool to hear how he comes up with his ideas.  Conner’s gorgeous art can be found all over the place, from Archie to Vampirella, Power Girl to Painkiller Jane.  Her work on Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre is simply breathtaking.  Girl’s got skills.  Check out her Tumblr if you doubt me!  (You really shouldn’t doubt me.  Not on this, anywho.)  I’ve been a Vampirella fan for…well, a long time, so I’m really hoping to get a chance to meet her this year.

Read on for the full press release from BCC!


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The British Embassy Joins Forces with the Baltimore Comic-Con to Celebrate ‘The British Invasion’

Well, the Baltimore Comic-Con is coming to you this weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center.  I’ll be there covering the fun…but who knew that the British Embassy would make their way there too?

They’ll be setting up shop in the lobby of the Con/Convention Center, bringing all sorts of groovy British goodies for everyone to peek at.  Is it too much to ask for a full-size TARDIS?  Or possibly a bit of Red Dwarf memorabilia?  I can only cross my fingers and hope….

Read on for the official word!

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Actor/Comedian Phil LaMarr to Host the 2012 Harvey Awards

I’m a big Futurama fan.  So when I read this press release, I did a bit of a happy dance…because HERMES CONRAD will be in the house y’all!  Okay, so it’s actually the real-life actor who voices Hermes, Phil LaMarr.  Because cartoons aren’t real.  Of course not.

As always, the Harvey Awards are a part of Baltimore Comic-Con, with the awards ceremony happening September 8th at the Con.  Read on for more info….

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“British Invasion” at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con

You’re still on a convention high after all the info from San Diego Comic-Con.  The Olympics are being held in London, England this year.  Comics, the U.K….two great tastes?  You bet.  Word has it that there will be a slew of Brit-tastic talent at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con.  Cheers!

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The Nominees for the 2012 Harvey Awards

Okay comic book guys and dolls, the day is here; the Harvey Awards nominees have been announced, and it’s a great crop this year. Winners, as always, will be announced at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con September 8th.  Need another reason to attend?  There you go.  You’re welcome.

I’m excited to see Pearls Before Swine, Mutts, get nods for Synicated Strip or Panel, Ozma of Oz (a favorite story of mine from my kiddie days) get a Best New Series nod, and the amazaing work of Drawn & Quarterly on the American edition of Onward Toward Our Noble Deaths.  And hey wait — did a United States Government publication get a Harvey Award nod?  Yep; Preventive Maintenance Monthly is so cool it almost makes me wanna sign up…almost.

I’ll leave it at that, otherwise I’ll never get on with announcing the nominees….

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Stan “The Man” Lee coming back to Baltimore Comic-Con!

I love Baltimore Comic-Con, I won’t lie.  It’s the geekiest of the larger Comic-Cons, which means more time to spend with the designers, writers and developers of the comics/graphic novels you love (or love to watch on tv; can I get a what-what, The Walking Dead?)

Now, there’s something more to celebrate as Stan Lee, THE man of Marvel, returns to Baltimore Comic-Con this year.  Sweet!

His visit last year was a huge success — anyone who saw or waited in the looooong lines waiting to say hello to him can attest to that — so I’m glad to see he’s coming back.

More?  I’ve got your more right here.

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Are you a comics creator? Vote for this year’s Harvey Awards!

Mmm, awards season.  I watch ’em on tv and I love every second.  Okay, the commercials aren’t as awesome as the ones they show during the Super Bowl, but otherwise I’m hooked lock, stock & barrel.

But maybe you have a way to vote and aren’t just a part of the crowd.  For one awards ceremony, it’s time to gear up, not give.  I’m talking about the Harvey Awards, kudos that are given to “recognize outstanding work in comics and sequential art”.  Bonus; the Harveys are given out during the Baltimore Comic-Con (which is September 8th and 9th of this year).

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New Year, New Con’s: Baltimore Comic-Con releases its guest list!

Is it just me, or did 2011 zip by?  Ah well.  The faster winter goes along, the sooner we get…to CONVENTION SEASON Y’ALL!

Yes.  The time when we all get to head indoors and share love, fannishness and for some, their personal odor (psst: deodorant.  Pass it on.)  Baltimore Comic-Con has just released it’s initial guest list, and gotta say I’m pretty stoked.  More will come as the date draws closer, but it’s already looking like a very fannish 2012….

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