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Movie Review – “Guardians of the Galaxy”

TwitReview – “Guardians of the Galaxy” – Fantastic action, humor, story, and characters. Up there with “The Avengers” in scope, size, and enjoyment. Grade A+


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Movie Review – The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner has had a big year so far with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Marvel’s: The Avengers.  He’s proved that he can play in the big boy sandbox as a team player and can go toe-to-toe with Tom Cruise and Robert Downey, Jr. Does Renner have the ability to lead a big budget action movie on his own and is he able to carry the weight of a very successful movie franchise on his shoulders and usher in a new continuation of the story?

All these questions and more will be answered in the next episode of Soap.  (There are a few of you out there laughing right now that get this reference).

Or just read my review below the image….

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New trailer for The Avengers hits at noon!

Leap Year Day — yay!  Really, really rainy day — boo.  But if you’re holed up inside today never fear; there’s a reason to be happy that you’re near your computer.  A new trailer for The Avengers will hit on Apple’s movie trailer website at noon.  That’s right, take yourself away from the wet and remind yourself that movie blockbuster season is only a heartbeat away.

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