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Movie Review – “This is the End”

When I heard that there was a movie coming out where the plot is “James Franco throws a party and all of his friends are there and then the End of the world happens” I was sold. This idea just seemed quirky and out-there enough that I couldn’t see how this would be a failure. Then I saw the first trailer and I laughed and said to myself, “OK…this doesn’t look like it will suck at all.” I then learned that it was based on Jason Stone’s short film from 2007 James and Seth versus the Apocalypse and that the main characters are in fact James Franco and Seth Rogen playing themselves. How surreal! Actors portraying themselves as slightly-not-them-but-them characters that mimic their real life yet not so much. Twisted and brilliant, I know!

Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg (both also directed this amazing movie) manage to make BEST COMEDY TO HIT MOVIE THEATERS IN A DAMN LONG TIME!! I don’t even know where to start as I’m still laughing as I think about the movie while I’m typing the review. It’s that good and that funny. I haven’t laughed from start to finish for a movie in a very long time. I mean the audience was laughing so hard and loud at times that I need to see This is the End again just to try and catch some of the jokes that I missed due to all the laughing. If Man of Steel wasn’t coming out on the same weekend (even if it is two days later), This is the End would be the number one movie in the box office this weekend….but being the number one comedy will suffice.


Grade: 5 out of 5 stars!!

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Movie Review – Magic Mike

It’s been a while, but I’m back with another movie review and this time I got the chance to see the highly anticipated Channing Tatum tour-de-force known as Magic Mike. Some of you are probably thinking that I drew the short straw in the office pool in getting this movie. And that may in fact be the case…usually because I’m never at the Geek for E Offices so I never know what straw I’ve drawn. So I took my lumps like a man and said that I will review Magic Mike. Why? Because I have a girlfriend that has been wanting to see Magic Mike since we saw the first preview on TV six weeks ago. And being the good boyfriend that I am, I’ve asked my girlfriend to attend the screening with me and help with the review.

This had to be the first screening I’ve attended in a long time where they waited till every seat that could be filled was filled. No woman was left behind in getting to witness Magic Mike. The anticipation to see this movie is huge (no pun intended) and to my girlfriend this was the movie of the summer…she was as excited to see Magic Mike as I was when we went to see The Avengers.

Sit back, relax, please don’t throw dollar bills at the review, and get ready to read The Good, The Bad, and The Girlfriend’s Take about Magic Mike!

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Movie Review: The Vow

Valentine’s Day.  The time when all us chicks drag our poor, unsuspecting fellas to the multiplex so we can bond over a sappy love story.  Or rather, the time of year when gals drag their guys to the multiplex for a sappy love story on pain of not being able to watch March Madness in peace, let alone get a little Barry White time, knowwhatI’msayin?  I tend to be the weird chick that would rather head off to a slasher flick than subject myself to boo-hooey romance — except for Notting Hill and The Holiday, because they’re awesome and stop looking at me like that — so it was with great trepidation that I headed into the theater for The Vow.  I like Rachel McAdams (Mean Girls and Midnight in Paris are two favorite films of mine), I like Channing Tatum (uh, hello; Step Up is old school fun).  I like movies based on real events.  And I like The Vow.

It’s amazing that a movie based on a real-life couple’s struggle to find their way back to each other didn’t end up a complete schmoopfest.  Don’t get me wrong, this movie is firmly in the romance genre, and it may even be considered a graduate-level romance flick for die-hard romantics only.  But it’s also a well-crafted, beautifully acted piece of filmmaking that stands out in the pre-Summer Blockbuster wasteland of late Winter movie releases.  The Vow could have easily been a Lifetime Original Movie in multiplex form, something producers threw money at in the hopes people watching the film in theaters wouldn’t notice they could see the same exact movie at home for free.  Instead, The Vow has a layered storyline that goes beyond it’s one-note beginnings and does something many romance movies forget to do; it entertains.

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