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Movie Review: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a wonderful fairy tale for parents, would-be parents, and folks who wanna be parents.  And if you’re fine with talk of parenthood, kids and the struggle many have to become parents, you’ll enjoy this sweet story.  Good work, Disney, for coming up with a fairy tale for grownups.

Cindy (Jennifer Garner, with a fantastic Small Town Chic wardrobe) and Jim Green (Joel Edgerton) have done just about everything they possibly can in order to become parents.  Unfortunately, the good ol’ fashioned way isn’t in the stars for them.  So one night, over many glasses of wine, they draw up a “dream list” of things they’d love to see in the child they’ll never have.  What starts off as tearful ends up as a joyful (and drunken) riot of cheering, laughing and bittersweet wishing.  They put the list in an old cigar box and bury it in their garden, thinking they’ve closed the door on that chapter of their lives.  Surprise!  In a freak rainstorm that only seems to drench their yard, they find that they’re not alone; a muddy child has found his way into their home.  A child named Timothy — Cindy and Jim’s dream-list name — that calls them Mom and Dad.  There’s a hole in the garden where the cigar box used to be, and the kid has leaves on his ankles.  Guess the old “cabbage patch” tale could be true….

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