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Happy Mons-tober: new Frankenweenie “Old School” posters!


Mmm, remember the old Creature Feature on Channel 20; Count Gore De Vol and all his tricks and treats?  No?  Man I’m old.

But anyway, it’s October (aka The MOST Wonderful Time of the Year) and Disney’s Frankenweenie has put out a few new posters that echo old-time horror movies of the 30s, 40s & 50s.  And they’re awesome!

Take a peek for yourself…IF YOU DARE….


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Danny Elfman’s Dark Shadows orignal score hits stores May 8

The more I hear about Dark Shadows, the more excited I am to see it.  First, there was Tim Burton directing.  Then, of course, the obligatory Johnny Depp performance — Barnabas Collins, no less!  Then it was the rest of the cast, including Michelle Pfeiffer, Chloë Grace Moretz, Helena Bonham Carter and Jackie Earle Haley.  Now, with the music being scored by the incredibly talented Danny “would someone PLEASE give this man an Academy Award already?” Elfman, the stage is set for a rip-roaring good time.


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New Dark Shadows trailer hits tonight!

Depp.  Burton.  Collins.

Sounds good, right?  Vampires, ghoulies, ghosties…and the wonderfully warped world of Tim Burton.  I used to rush home when re-runs of the original Dark Shadows played on weekday afternoons, so hearing about this movie got my expectations up.  Hearing that this will be a bit of a spoof — think The Brady Bunch the tv show vs. The Brady Bunch Movie — makes me think Burton may have another winner on his hands.  She said hopefully.

We’ll all get a good look at Barnabas Collins and his brood tonight, when a trailer for Dark Shadows comes to Apple.  We all know that Johnny Depp is never one to pull away from a role, so his portrayal of Barnabas should be a real hoot.

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