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Free Screening: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

UPDATE: We have given out all the screening passes we have for this film –congrats to all the winners, and thanks to everyone for entering!

Who doesn’t like free screenings?  I love ’em.  So it’s share-the-wealth time: Geek for e has 25 “Admit Two” passes to Disney’s The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

Wanna know how to grab a pair for yourself?  Read on!

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Angelina Jolie is feeling evil as Malificent

Angelina Jolie has a love for the, well, complicated ladies.  Evelyn Salt (glad to see there’s a Salt 2 in the mix), The Tourist‘s Elise, Grendel’s momma in Beowulf, and of course her Oscar-winning turn as Lisa in Girl, Interrupted.  She’s upping the evil as Sleeping Beauty’s nemesis in Malificent.

Gotta say that I was amazed and scared pantsless by this particular witchy queen.  Best evil hairdo ever?  yeah, you better believe it.  Plus, she could transform into one badass dragon; that’s pretty top-notch.

Read on for the details!

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Movie Review: Disney-Pixar’s Brave (2012)

Pixar has officially grown up.  From thematic material, to skillset in animation.  Brave represents Pixar animations greatest achievement in digital animation and unfortunately it’s greatest disappointment in story lines. It’s the first Pixar film to taut two Directors and the first one to prove that two heads are not better than one.  C-


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Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast 3D

Can you believe it’s been over 20 years since Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was first released?  On the one hand, over these years it’s become a timeless classic.  But to me it also feels like it was just last week I first saw Belle and her Beast on the big screen.

Oh wait.  It WAS last week.  But this time I saw them in 3D, with the Beauty and the Beast 3D release.  And lemme tell you, fans of this movie that wonder if they should shell the hard-earned for this version…yes, you should.  It’s a totally new way to see the film, and it’s a wonderful use of 3D.  Plus hey, tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.  You know the drill.

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Review in the Round: “The Muppets”

Ever see a movie with a friend? Of course you have. Share your thoughts and see if you can come to a collective agreement on what you saw, how it flowed and how good it was? Probably every night right. We at Geek For E call that a ‘Review In The Round’ and this week it’s “The Muppets” with Rock & Alex.

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